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LVM Systems Releases LVM One v1.6

LVM Systems announces the release of version 1.6 of its flagship LVM One healthcare contact center solution.


Using Technology to Support a Strong Patient Access and Retention Strategy

The days of communicating using cans and strings are long gone. Today, interoperability using multiple communication methods is critical for a successful healthcare contact center.

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Coordinating Care and Managing Transitions

Healthcare reform initiatives have positioned call center nurses to play a broader role.


LVM Systems Releases LVM One v1.5

LVM Systems announces the release of version 1.5 of its flagship LVM One healthcare contact center solution.


How Secure is your Contact Center System?

Security is a shared responsibility between all parties providing software services to your contact center.


Utilizing Peer Review to Minimize Risk in a Medical Call Center

An effective peer review program allows for a formal approach to the analysis of performance and to the systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement.


LVM Systems Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Examination

LVM has invested heavily into its safety posture to address critical industrywide data security needs.


The Current Healthcare Environment Creates the Perfect Opportunity to explore a Hosted Solution

Lessen your hosting concerns with advanced Security, Reliability, and Levels of Redundancy.


Healthcare Contact Centers: An Essential Component to Improving Patient Experiences

The healthcare contact center is a vital cog in the strategic success of the health system. To remain so, the contact center must pursue new hardware technologies, product capabilities and communication tools, to remain focused on enhancing the patient experience.


Tools to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Start with Information. Data is king when evaluating how efficiently your call center staff handles calls and how successful it is in satisfying customers/patients.

Redirecting ER Visits when Appropriate

By creating a network of healthcare providers willing to accept and treat patients within reasonable timeframes, contact centers can build trust in patients, so they are confident in the information and resources provided.

LVM One Desktop 1.5.4 Now Available. Attend Webinar to Learn More

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The Call Center: Coordinating Care and Managing Transitions

As a healthcare organization responsible for patient care, the clinical call center today must ensure patients have easy access to health care resources and that they take necessary steps to prevent adverse health outcomes


Healthcare Contact Center Times Publication

Healthcare Contact Center Times

Healthcare Contact Center Times discusses such crucial topics as strategically positioning your call center for maximum advantage in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Answer Stat Publication


AnswerStat is a leading resource providing medical contact centers with industry news and information to hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical contact centers, along with key industry software and services vendors as well as support organizations.

LVM’s configurable software enables you to address your current needs while positioning your organization to successfully overcome unforeseen future challenges.

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About Us — Since 1988, LVM Systems has developed leading-edge Healthcare Contact Center solutions supporting nurse triage, patient transfer, behavior health, and many other healthcare programs. We've used that experience to become a well-established name in the industry. Hundreds of healthcare facilities depend on LVM Systems to provide best-in-class customer support, advanced reporting methodologies, and unparalleled customization capabilities. Whether web, portal, app, text, chat, secure messaging or call center associate, our software helps healthcare organizations provide communication options for an individualized customer experience. LVM has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 16 years. We build software solutions specialized in the ISV/Software Solutions and Mobility Solutions specialties. By partnering with LVM Systems, clients gain the security of knowing both the software they use and the developers who create it meet the high standards they expect. We are more than a vendor; we are a dedicated partner with staff averaging over 15 years in the industry.

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