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Enterprise Customer Experience and Action Software Platform Overview

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  • Fill the Enterprise Customer Experience Void

Customer Experience Screams
Louder and Louder Every Day

Many experts believe it is the leading method of differentiation replacing traditional marketing methods. This new voice of the customer is perhaps heard loudest in healthcare. Patients demand something better and expect more.
LVM has heard the market cry and has developed healthcare’s first and only comprehensive enterprise customer experience and action software platform. Whether the question is “Where exactly do I park?” or “Do I need to go to the ER?” we fill the action and connection void across the entire health system.

Integrated Customer Experience
Help Desk and Patient Journey Management

According to multiple industry studies, getting to an integrated, knowledgeable human conveniently and quickly via phone, text or chat for every aspect of help is a vital key to success — not disconnected digital silos, apps or portals. Far too often patients are forced to “search” and just “figure it out” for themselves. The sheer volume of self-help content translates to NO help.

Six in ten patients expect to connect to a person at some time during their quests.

Instead, frustration, confusion and poor communication combine with irritating inconveniences to create negative customer experiences long before and after every encounter instead of a seamless, thoughtful patient journey. LVM gives health systems an enterprise customer experience “help-desk” and patient journey management with smart, proactive, predictive communication and coordination that fills in the gaps not met by the EMR and other departmental systems.

Enterprise Intelligent Omni-Action

Research indicates “omni-channel” is NOT the answer to these customer experience challenges. Whether it’s web, portal, app, text, chat, secure messaging or call center associates, the solution for Health systems is to provide an enterprise omni-action solution that anticipates, listens, leads, learns and delivers quick convenient answers. Enterprise integration and knowledgeable responses for all inbound inquiries, outgoing communication, coordination assistance - even unspoken needs and desires need smart responsiveness and delivery.

At LVM we’ve engineered (and proven) a solution that is effectively and efficiently handling millions and millions of questions, answers and actions.

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