Enterprise Customer Experience Software Platform for Health

Key Features

Fill the action and connection void across your entire health system using our engineered (and proven) solution that is effectively and efficiently handling millions and millions of questions, answers and actions.

Enterprise Voice of the Customer System

Enterprise Voice of the Customer System — Proactively solve patient customer issues and inquiries of any type (i.e. logistical, clinical, referral, appointment, etc.) via call, text, chat for the entire patient journey with holistic knowledge.

Enterprise Transaction Management

Enterprise Transaction Management — Manage and control any inbound or outbound transaction from care coordination, class registration and complete appointments itinerary for human attendants or smart digital “butler-like” anticipation.

Enterprise Patient / Family Help Desk

Enterprise Patient / Family Help Desk — Track and follow-up with any type of incident or service call from any facility, department, floor, office, home with fast service workflows and comprehensive connectivity.

Enterprise Customer Need Anticipation

Enterprise Customer Need Anticipation — Listen to HL7 (and other data protocols) patient need conversations and proactively anticipate what communication is needed and deliver when, where appropriate on the right communication channel.

Enterprise Care Coordination

Enterprise Care Coordination — Comprehensive care plans and proactive patient management for readmission prevention, disease management or micro-population care coordination.

Enterprise Protocol Appreciation Management

Enterprise Protocol Appreciation Management — Enterprise protocols for triage, nurse connection line, care coordination, marketing, post acute care, disease/condition-specific for both human and digital coordinators.

Enterprise Customer Appreciation Management

Enterprise Customer Appreciation Management — Comprehensive appreciation management with timely, smart, “thank you” delivery with context including behavior modification and compliance methods.

Enterprise Population Management

Enterprise Population Management — Proactively and predictively reach out and respond to customers in an intelligent manner according to the micro population a patient might belong.

Enterprise Experiment Management

Enterprise Experiment Management — Integrated experiment engine to test best communication including the ability to test when, what, how, why, message type, intervals, preference, group type using comparison with control and content groups to desired outcomes.

Enterprise Outreach Management

Enterprise Outreach Management — Control, improve and optimize all outbound call, text, email, including secure sms text, secure private messaging.

Enterprise Smart Integration

Enterprise Smart Integration — Immersive smart integration with the entire healthcare ecosystem including smart web, smart chat, complete patient profile, bi-directional HL7, EMR, custom databases, content, clinical protocols, video instruction, logistics information coupled with “google-like” tagging for closed loop communication outcome evaluation.

Enterprise Appointment Experience

Enterprise Appointment Experience — Comprehensive appointment experience instead of simplistic often annoying and ill-timed reminders including: pre-visit, post visit, multi-visit, system-wide, itinerary aware, interactive sms text, parking, elevator, location, prep instructions, arrival messaging, couponing, and behavior modifying thank you with message effectiveness and timeliness testing (by specialty, condition, appointment type, appointment grouping) including elimination of duplicate annoying messages all for high value experience.

Enterprise Referral Experience

Enterprise Referral Experience — Facilitation and promotion of referral association directly patient integrated with nurse triage or nurse connection line programs or provider-to-provider on behalf of the patient customer which can also include enterprise patient transfer.

Enterprise Omni-Action Solution

Enterprise Omni-Action Solution — Integrate the enterprise voice of the customer responsiveness with any type of channel so that the actions taken are smart, context aware and maximize outcomes.

Enterprise Medication Adherence

Enterprise Medication Adherence — Effective protocols, methods and interaction methods that ensure medication adherence in any kind of program such as post acute care, readmission efforts or disease and population management.

Enterprise Single Call Center

Enterprise Single Call Center — Transform service responsiveness and customer loyalty with a “one-call-does-it-all” experience that improves clinical outcomes, compliance, convenience, marketing, cross marketing, and satisfaction.

Enterprise Communication Control

Enterprise Communication Control — Communication management in almost any scenario whether it is provider to patient, patient to provider, provider to provider, software to software system in convenient, proactive, holistic, predictive and anticipatory fashion.

Enterprise Nurse Connection Line / Triage

Enterprise Nurse Connection Line / Triage — Utilizing industry standard, proven clinical and logistic protocols for taking and receiving nurse calls for the entire health system that accelerate access, improve community responsiveness and intelligently connect patients to the resources or peace of mind required.

Enterprise Listening Engine

Enterprise Listening Engine — Massive data stream listening engine that looks for critical patient activity in order to initiate and execute highly efficient, fast, effective communication that produce results.

Enterprise Patient Journey Management

Enterprise Patient Journey Management — No matter what a patient needs or where a patient is in his or her individual care journey, healthcare systems can effectively answer any type of question, whether clinical, informational or logistical query-driven by seamless, omni-action software.

Enterprise Satisfaction Management

Enterprise Satisfaction Management — In addition, total customer experience satisfaction can be interactively tested at any point within the patient’s appointment, care or event journey creating continuous improvement opportunities and knowledge.

Enterprise Cross Marketing

Enterprise Cross Marketing — At each intersection within a patient’s journey cross marketing, care appropriateness, referral assistance, care coordination or logistic connections can be offered at the moment of need instead of ill-timed marketing misfires.

Enterprise Patient Profile

Enterprise Patient profile — At any time, when necessary, with correct security and where appropriate, the customer experience platform can provide the digital and human service associates with comprehensive patient (current and historic) activity, history and interactions.

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