LVM One Contact Center
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LVM has developed many EHR system integrations, and can develop any additional integrations as necessary. LVM’s EHR integration typically uses FHIR / HL7 and is EHR agnostic, as far as possible. LVM One can send outbound FHIR / HL7 messages to update your EHR with nurse triage charts or send a trigger of a patient’s referral to the emergency department. LVM One can then trigger a follow-up call, text message, or email to ensure the patient has the information they need for a successful interaction.


LVM has developed phone integrations that receive a notification when a call comes in, can automatically populate the caller information based on the phone number, and start a transaction. Our standard telephony works with Cisco and GoTo’s telephony applications. We have developed additional custom integrations with Genesys and other telephony systems and can develop a custom telephony integration for any APIs available through your telephony system.

Data Warehouses

LVM contains many import data loads such as loading patients from XML, JSON, or other formats. If one of the standard imports does not meet your needs, LVM can create a custom import routine.

Physician Credentialing

Many clients prefer to use their physician credentialing database as their “source of truth,” passing that data into the physician database in LVM One. We have assisted many clients in doing so.


LVM supports interfacing with other hospital systems, including EHRs, using outbound FHIR / HL7 interfaces. Sending inbound FHIR / HL7 messages from your EHR to the LVM application can trigger smart actions with your clients, customers, or patients. For example, upon discharge, the software can assign follow-up calls for satisfaction surveys. Post-op messages can also trigger the software to notify caregivers of any next steps. FHIR / HL7 triggers create limitless possibilities for interactions and data exchanges.


LVM’s web integrations provide real-time push/pull of reportable data to create reports that help you increase customer loyalty and show bottom-line impact. Website integration allows you to understand your customers and their behaviors. When integrating LVM with your website, you can track how effectively your marketing campaigns increase conversion rates.

CRM Systems

The Relationship Management components of LVM's solution use operational CRM strategies to improve customer acquisition, retention, and follow-up. The goal of loading targeted EHR data into the software with CRM integration is to host comprehensive, accurate data to provide a complete picture of your business and customers. Using LVM’s solution enables you to mine your contact center’s transactional and demographic databases to target ideal customers for appropriate programs and services. LVM’s CRM solution includes cross-marketing codes enabling contact center representatives to find other relevant services that your organization can provide to the caller, enhancing the service options available.