The Virtual Call Center

When using the VCC, the software resides on servers hosted in Arizona. Your staff accesses the VCC from their desktop via a high-speed Internet connection using Windows Remote Desktop. They login through a secure encrypted connection to access the Centaurus application. Staff with appropriate user credentials can then view and access your data, as well as custom screens and reports. If you have remote staff, they can also access Centaurus through Windows Remote Desktop in exactly the same way.

Less Demand on (Local) IT Staff

The VCC allows your IT resources to off-load several duties typically performed by your IT staff. LVM handles server purchases, configurations, and maintenance for clients on the VCC.

Staffing Flexibility

The VCC supports a spectrum of staffing options such as remote staffing to address sudden increases in call volumes and staff call-outs.

Scalability and Roll-over Coverage

A growing trend in our industry is the formation of Super Call Centers, often with decentralized operations. With the VCC, concerns over LAN, WAN and server locations become irrelevant.

Alternative to Capital Budget Requests

Take advantage of monthly financing to operationalize your call center’s budget. This eliminates the need to seek capital funds in today’s ever-changing economic environment.

Disaster Recovery Option

Use the VCC as part of your call center’s business continuity plan. The VCC can serve to safeguard against a server or power source failure in your installed solution.

Iron Mountain Reliability

Iron Mountain understands that the reliability and availability of the data center’s infrastructure matters. Reliability comes from best-in-class data center operators running state-of-the-art technology.

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