Provider Match

Today’s savvy consumers seek more than a simple listing of providers in their area. Many use searchable sites daily that allow them to drill down to find the specific products and services they desire. They expect these same search capabilities from the Provider Match tool with which they interact, whether by calling a call center or self-selecting online. Centaurus provides this depth of search capability.

The Provider Match function in Centaurus offers 47 standard and 10 user-defined selection criteria to ensure that patients find the provider best matching their needs. A rigorous algorithm quickly processes the callers wants to search the extensive provider profiles. Providers matching all, or most, of the consumer’s criteria, display allowing the consumer to learn even more about each provider. Once a provider is selected, Centaurus records the activity enabling numerous standard reports to be generated summarizing provider matches by name, specialty, zip code, or any of the other numerous provider match fields. Follow-up reports are sent to providers listing the consumers that chose the provider enabling office staff to easily track which patients were seen.

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