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The Absence Management module tracks absences of staff or employees. It uses both the Business and Industry and the Consumer / Patient databases. The Absence Management module includes the fields needed to track all activity from initial Absence Date to Return Date. All needed fields are recordable, trackable and reportable.

The Admissions Database tracks admissions and revenue information within the Centaurus program using downloaded records from your admissions database or patient accounting system. Once the data is imported, you can use the records to print reports or track revenue.

Many call centers elect to serve as an answering service for physicians. Centaurus supports this function by capturing caller information and their message, placing it in queue or transmitting by e-mail, text or fax to physicians via their preferred mode of communication. This seamlessly works with our Physician On-Call Schedules for ease-of-use.

Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability (CBISA)
The following modules have fields for CBISA: Business and Industry, Services Setup, Classes Setup, Instructor/Employee Setup, Service Referral, Contact/Visit, and Class Registry. Community Benefit is a clinical or nonclinical program or activity that provides treatment and/or promotes health and healing that is: 1. responsive to identified health priorities determined in collaboration with community stakeholders and 2. focused on persons who are poor or located in underserved areas. These two items have commonly been tracked in call center software. Centaurus can support the data collection and reporting for this and additional types of community benefit activities.

Centaurus can help you manage the entire registration process. From pre-class/event set-up procedures, to registrations and post-class/event surveys, Centaurus helps you capture consumer information that allows you to maintain a meaningful presence among potential customers. If you collect payment at the time of registration, Centaurus enables you to do so using a secure payment portal such as PayPal.

This module gives you the ability to track all complaints and/or suggestions from your targeted physicians and facilities. It also gives you the ability to assign complaints to an appropriate person or department and track resolutions.

Contact / Visit Tracking provides a detailed way to track all correspondence and schedule follow-ups with physicians, hospitals, facilities and insurance contacts in conjunction with all Centaurus modules. It is most commonly used with Specialist Referral, Transfer Management, Behavioral Health and Provider Relations.

The Follow-up module is used to manage and schedule callbacks for a specific date/time.

Centaurus offers health information files you can share with the caller over the phone and send to the caller as a follow-up. The library of health information includes files created by:

• Dr. Barton Schmitt, a pioneer in the field of pediatric telephone triage
• The American Academy of Family Physicians
• Links to The National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine

Your call center has the ability to send this information via postal delivery, fax, email or secure web based messaging.

The Literature/Brochure Setup module is a database that stores the literature used by your organization. You can send advertisements, brochures, books, videos, etc. Use this module to describe and detail the literature pieces as well as to track inventory levels and re-ordering needs.

The Medication Management module in Centaurus is used to track any medication a patient is taking, prescription refills and adherence. This feature is available for use in conjunction with Triage, Care Coordination, Behavioral Health and other modules where medications are involved.

Use the Membership Management module to register consumers for memberships offered by your organization. With the Membership Management module, you can easily track member attendance, conduct post-function satisfaction surveys and create discount groups for classes.

Centaurus provides an easy way to hold, maintain and utilize an on-call schedule as well as contact information for paging or texting key partners such as after-hour providers. The software tracks all contacts for quality purposes. The Centaurus physician on-call feature gives users the ability to set up integrated on-call schedules for physicians with specific instructions for each physician and on-call group. This seamlessly works with our Answering Service module.

Use Secure Messaging to send secure messages to patients and other contacts in your Centaurus database. This service has many uses including sending a text copy of the care advice at the end of a nurse triage encounter or sending a health information topic for the patient to read. Secure Messaging is not limited only to nurse triage or health information as it is used in many places throughout the Centaurus software including the ability to attach a survey to a message.

The Services database is a collection of records that contain information about the Services to which the facility refers callers. It enables you to store information about, and refer consumers to, services provided by your hospital or other local organizations.

Speakers Bureau members are stored in the Physician On-Staff database. Here, a collection of data containing extensive information about the physicians who speak on various topics enables you to successfully search for a physician in the database who is an expert in a particular subject.

With Centaurus, your call center can be the bridge that connects patients, their primary care physician and needed specialists. Centaurus creates a separate database for referring physicians, which allows for superior tracking and coordination.

The Centaurus survey module not only conducts customer satisfaction surveys, it can also serve as your facility’s health risk assessment tool. Centaurus has the flexibility to support your data collection needs no matter how simple or complex. Surveys can also play a big role in your Care Coordination and Post-Discharge, Readmissions Reduction programs.

Test Results stores lab results and other patient health data. Centaurus allows you to link multiple Test Results records to one patient. Test Results data in other systems outside Centaurus can also be added.

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