Centaurus Core Modules

Centaurus call center software is the most robust and comprehensive solution in the industry. Along with our complementary iCentaurus and WebLink+ products, Centaurus enables you to attract and retain new and existing business. Whether you are solely a triage site or a full-service marketing call center, Centaurus provides everything you need now and positions you well for future expansion. Centaurus contains an extensive library of standard reports enabling you to store, track and report on all data fields stored in the system. If you customize the system to include additional data fields, custom reports can be created to report on these fields.

Provider Match

Aligning the needs of your callers with the best provider is critical to both expanding your patient base and heightening your perceived value. Whether matched through the call center with Centaurus or via the web with WebLink+, patients and providers win.


The Marketing components of Centaurus position your call center as the hub of communication and relationship management with your organization’s key constituents. Its CRM functionality enables you to mine your database for targeted campaigns.

Nurse Triage

LVM has partnered with Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson to make available the most tested and clinically proven protocols. The content is available in two versions: after hours and office hours. It can be modified to meet the preferences of your medical advisors.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Intake has its own set of rules. Centaurus provides the nuances needed for this unique intake process.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a key focus of many hospitals. Centaurus automates the series of interventions comprising a Disease Management program and supports communications with all stakeholders.

Transfer Management

The Transfer Management solution supports the array of transfer processes to manage the sequence of activities and communications critical to this “One-Call” patient acquisition function.

Population Health

Population Health is an approach to health that strives to improve the health outcomes of a defined population. It requires collaboration among health care providers to identify gaps in care based on evidence-based guidelines and builds on best practices to ensure high-quality, efficient health care. Using the many functions of Centaurus in a concerted effort enables your organization to address this critical area of healthcare.

Hospital Readmission Reduction

As an organization responsible for patient care, your focus is to ensure patients have easy access to healthcare resources and that they take all necessary steps to prevent adverse health outcomes. This is never more important than during the initial weeks post-discharge. The hospital readmission reduction capabilities of Centaurus enable you to combat the penalties tied to high readmission rates.

And Many More!

The Centaurus software is a fully developed Contact Center software suite. It is this breadth of capabilities that have hundreds of organizations around the world relying on Centaurus as their single-source solution. Click “And Many More!” to see the many other components indigenous to the software.

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