Virtual Call Center is accessed from your PC via a high-speed Internet connection using Windows Remote Desktop. Staff log-in through a secure, encrypted connection to access the Centaurus application.

Your data, as well as custom screens and reports, can be seen and accessed by your staff with appropriate user credentials.

What are the Benefits? The challenges of today’s healthcare environment create the perfect opportunity to explore a hosted solution. Beyond the assurances of performance, security and very high level uptime, additional benefits include:

  • Less demand on your IT
  • Less implementation time
  • Staffing flexibility
  • Remote workforce options
  • Scalability – small and large
  • Decentralized operations
  • Alternatives to capital budget
  • Predictable operational expense
  • Peace of mind
    • uninterrupted power supply
    • daily offsite backups
    • the security of 128 bit encryption
    • back-up servers on-hand, if needed

To learn more about how Centaurus can help you achieve your call center's goals contact your regional sales professional.