Like many call center vendors, LVM has partnered with Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson to make available the most tested and clinically proven protocols. The content is available in two versions: after-hours and office-hours. It can be modified to meet the preferences of your medical advisors.

What sets Centaurus apart are the "nursing support" enhancements - the result of listening to feedback from hundreds of triage nurses and developing features to make their lives easier.

Medication / Dosage Calculator

When OTC medications are recommended within Care Advice, the nurse can access the software's dosage calculator - saving time while enhancing accuracy.

Question or advice-specific comments

Centaurus allows ad hoc information to be captured at the point (question or advice piece) it occurs.

Frequently Used Protocols

This feature presents a pick list of the "top 15 or 20" protocols of your choosing. This time-saver can be changed as needed to reflect seasonal variations.

Adjustable views of protocols

LVM provides two ways to view triage questions: one at a time or full screen (showing many questions in sequence) to suit staff preferences.

Remote access

Staff for short periods of peak call volumes or tap into more abundant labor pools. LVM supports Citrix or MS Terminal Server and has successfully implemented remote access at several client sites.

To learn more about how Centaurus can help you achieve your call center's goals contact your regional sales professional.