Leann Delaney
Regional Vice President, Sales
Office: 262.532.0494
Email: leann@lvmsystems.com
LVM Sales Office: 480.633.8200, ext. 620

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Leann Delaney

Name: Leann Delaney

Professional designation(s): Regional Vice President, Sales

Year started at LVM: 2002

Experience in the healthcare call center industry: 21 years

What roles did you fulfill in the healthcare call center industry?
I was manager of two call centers; the first one for marketing-related calls; and the second was a 24/7 marketing, triage, disease management and answering service call center.

What were some of your achievements in the healthcare call center industry?
I started one marketing call center from scratch, working with a software vendor to set up the system and working with internal departments to ensure the call center would meet strategic goals as well as hiring and managing staff. I expanded another call center from a day-time referral and triage operation to a 24/7 environment; replacing software, working with contractors to build out new space to ensure confidentiality for callers, as well as adding disease management, answering service/triage for clinics and a profit-generating product sold to employer groups for our offered services.

How do you like to work with your prospects?
I prefer to act as a consultant of sorts, discussing their existing challenges, needs or “wish list;” as well as future plans for growth. With that information, I then customize their demo to offer solutions to their challenges; showing how the software can help them “tell their story” proving value to their health system.

Leann's Clients Speak

"Our experience with Leann has been exceptional: She's incredibly responsive, is always willing to help us strategize how to best use our available resources and is quick to let us know when something new is available. I've also appreciated her willingness to help us connect with leadership in other call centers; if we're looking for information on how we might approach something, she often knows of someone in another area of the country who's done something similar in the past! Perhaps most important has been her willingness and ability to help us bridge a gap in communication between our staff and LVM's support staff; we have a very small IT support group internally, so by nature we need to rely on LVM to help us support the technology we license. We don't always know what questions to ask or exactly what to ask for when a question arises and Leann has always been able to help us "translate" things into a format that makes sense on both ends."

Heather MacLeod, LICSW
Director, CPN Triage Service
Children's Physician Network

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